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It is not what is right or wrong, it is what works!!!!!!


1/2 Hour $50
1 Hour $80
3 Hours $200

1/2 Hour $40
1 Hour $55

Golf 101 Class for New Golfers
5-1 hour classes  $100.00

Academy Classes:
Ladies Swing Classes 4-1 hour classes  $100.00
Senior Clinics 4- 1 hour classes            $100.00
Junior Clinics  After School                   Rate is based on age

Academy Lesson: Regular $130.00  Now$100.00  90 Minutes
Individual Player Evaluation- Overall swing analysis, Overall analysis of physical condition and how it relates to your golf swing, Overall analysis of equipment, Video analysis, Created lesson and practice plan, list of drills to perform corrections.

Academy Two week program: $195.00
Includes; Initial Player Evaluation, One follow-up lesson, 2 week supervised lessons.

Academy One Month Program: $345.00
Includes: Initial Player Evaluation, 3 follow-up lessons, One month supervised lessons

Academy Beginner Lesson Program: $299.00
Includes: Four- One hour lessons, One month supervised lessons

Academy Junior Lesson Program: (14 years or less) $100.00
Includes: Four thirty minute private lessons
               Beginners and experienced

Sign up by calling The Todd George Golf Academy  919-360-2840
                           The Triangle Golf Center            919-848-0231